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Compassionate healthcare you can trust

Holding Hands

At RSVP, we provide a wide range of services for people across their life span.

Gynecology Services 

  • Annual Exams

  • Pap Smears for cervical cancer screening 

  • Birth Control including IUDs, Nexplanon

  • STD testing 

  • Management of common conditions like UTIs, heavy or abnormal periods, vaginitis

  • Menopause, including hormone management

  • Colposcopy

  • LEEP Procedure for abnormal Pap

  • Cryotherapy

  • Minimal invasive surgery, including Robotic Assisted Surgery  

  • Tubal Ligation or sterilization

  • Family planning 

  • Breast Cancer screening

  • Hereditary cancer testing and management

  • LGBTQ senstive care 

  • Management of fibroids

  • Teen care

  • incontinence and prolapse care 

  • Infertility 

  • In office ultrasound

Obstetric Services

  • Comprehensive care from conception to post partum

  • High risk pregnancy

  • Twin pregnancy

  • Vaginal Birth After C-Section- VBAC, TOLAC

  • Genetic counseling and testing

  • In office ultrasounds 

  • Surrogate support

  • Breastfeeding and postpartum support and care 

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