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RSVP patients may now visit with one of our health care providers all while remaining in the safety of their homes or from work via Telehealth. Our providers use real-time audio and video to discuss symptoms and medical concerns. Depending on the type of visit, our providers may be able to diagnose and/or treat your condition.

Telehealth visits are billed to and may be covered by your health insurance;

copays may apply.


RSVP uses to provide easy to use, secure telehealth to our patients. No need to download an app or make an account.

Just click your provider's name below when it is time for your appointment.

Click Provider's name to start your Telehealth appointment 

Once your Telehealth appointment is complete, your provider will document the details of the visit into your chart. If any medications are prescribed, it will be sent electronically to the pharmacy that was verified at the time of the appointment. Any referrals to another providers office will be placed electronically.

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